Having a natural love and curiosity for technology has provided me with many opportunities to help businesses, governments, non-profits, and private entities with a wide variety of technical challenges. Some of these technical challenges are listed below. If you have a technical challenge that is not listed, give me a call. I'm sure there's a solution.

Tech14 operates out of the Rogers area along with Otsego, Elk River, Zimmerman, Princeton, Milaca, Oak Grove, Isanti, Cambridge, St. Michael, Albertville, and surrounding areas.

Computer Repair or Upgrade

I have repaired or upgraded countless computers, servers, and laptops. If your computer is too slow or needs a little tender loving care, give me a call.

Network Support

I have installed, configured, and maintained modern computer networks for small businesses and a non-profit. Is your computer network unreliable? Do you have security concerns or just want someone to call when things don't work properly? I can provide a free initial review of your network.

Data Recovery or Backup

Your data is the most important component of your computer system. If you need an assessment of what can be recovered or how to prevent it from being lost, destroyed, or stolen, I should be able to help.

Password Recovery

Losing a password or trying to access a locked device can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are several ways to regain access. I can also recommend ways to minimize these occurrences.

Office 365

Many businesses today depend upon Office 365 for their email service, programs, and file storage. If you need someone for the occasional Office 365 administrative functions, give me a call.

Wireless Systems

A small business owner recently asked me to install a guest network for her customers. Her customers now enjoy the ability to work or catch up on emails while visiting her business. Her wireless system was built with security features preventing her clients from accessing the business files stored on the regular business network.

Computer Recommendations

Last Winter, my neighbor asked me to help him select an appropriate computer for his family. After asking him what he used his computer for, I did some research and found a few online options he could choose from. Once it arrived, I set up his new computer making sure it connected with his personal accounts and printer. Having someone to bounce computer ideas off of can sometimes be reassuring.

Printer Support

From small residental printers to professional multi-function devices found in business, I can help where needed.

Data Security and
Equipment Recycling

Do you have piles of old tech equipment laying around. How do you securely remove all of your private data from them before recycling or relinquishing them? I can securely erase your data before it gets out of your control. I can also provide recommendations or help in safely removing your piles of used tech equipment.

Is Your Computer Safe

Is your computer or device slow? Do you have concerns about using it for online banking? I can scan your computer for malware and make recommendations to prevent future malware problems.

Cloud Services

Many people today rely on Cloud-based services for a variety of purposes, including email services, file backups, and remote access. We may be able to help if you need any of these services.

Security and Encryption

From encrypting your data to protecting your data from unauthorized loss, there are many simple and sometimes no-cost methods to protect your data and business.